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Meteoalarm is an initiative by EUMETNET, the Network of European Meteorological Services, which aims to present all weather warnings for Europe on one website. In a single overview, Meteoalarm presents up-to-date reports for about 650 areas in 30 participating countries.

In an effort to help establish a pan-European Meteoalarm guideline for weather warnings, the daily station data of ECA&D are used to develop a consistent climatology of severe weather events. In order to obtain a warning system with uniform issuing frequencies between neighboring countries, the warning levels are related to return periods. By chosing uniform return periods over Europe en determining the associated return levels or return values, the warning thresholds, will be a reflection of climatic conditions of each country or regions within the country.

ECA&D provides several information services which help to harmonize the warming thresholds. These are listed below:

Extreme weather and climate events

The menu below allows you to select descriptions of some of the recent extreme events. Each event is placed in a historical context.


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Meteoalarm related ECA&D documents

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